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Conscious Relationships

What can a conscious relationship look like?

Well, first we have to discuss & address the main issues in a relationship, like lack of trust & communication, compromises, personal traumas, feeding, blaming etc as these are the things that keep one from having a conscious relationship.

I heard this so many times - that you have to work at a relationship - and that is not true at all.

After we discussed these, we will take a look at the amazing potentials that await you in a conscious relationship.
& we'll talk about how things can flow with ease & grace & no effort at all.

Join Elleyah & Master Be and let's explore all this together! 😍


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A Little bit about Me

Known in this lifetime as Bogdan Onecic, my greatest passion was, is and will be exploring, feeling, integrating and Consciously Living my Consciousness.

This took me in some of the most interesting places possible (physical and non-physical).

I’ve created all I needed to truly understand my I AM, how realities are created, why I’m here and so much more.

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